How to Be a Badass Woman – 7 Steps to Re-Claim Your Life, Power and Your Body!

All the election coverage has exposed a despicable part of culture, the degradation of women. Every woman knows this in her bones, her bruises, both emotional and physical, and her self-loathing. The abasement of women is nothing new; it’s just receiving lots of attention at the moment. Let’s take this moment and create change. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough. Have you had enough of being under paid, under valued, and pleasing others at your expense?

Take back YOUR life!

Here are 7 steps to start:

  1. Take back your body; it’s yours

This should be obvious, but it is very insidious. Women have been treated like objects for so long, it’s encoded in our cells. We usually aren’t aware of how much our bodies are controlled by others.

Take back your body from men, they do not own your body, you own your body. Start to notice the hidden, and not so hidden, ways men want to grab your energy, power and your body. The old paradigm degradation of women is based men wanting feminine life-giving energy and power. Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” has a full chapter devoted to using feminine energy in business to create wealth. We have something they don’t have and they want it. In response, we shut down. The solution is to enjoy your body, take it back and use it for your own pleasure.

Start by putting yourself first. We have been programmed to take care of everyone else at our expense. It is radical but necessary to put yourself first. Start with small steps. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Your body belongs to you, no one else. It is amazing that when you take back your body you start to love it more deeply.

  1. Love yourself deeply

One way the media and other people control you is by feeding your insecurities, doubts and lack of self-worth. The more you love yourself, the less hold the media has on you.

Once you start to love yourself more deeply, the cravings to full your life with more junk start to dissolve. It’s like an addiction. You keep buying stuff to fill a gaping inner hole. Self-love helps you differentiate your real desires from the momentary satiation of trying to satisfy the inner tormentor. Your inner tormentors are created by others, and not the truth of who you are.

Love your “flaws”; they usually turn out to be your greatest gifts. When you doubt your inner and outer beauty you easily succumb to all the latest junk on the market to mold you to external standards. The parts of your body that you hate are the parts that someone else controls. Love these parts, see who or what is influencing your self-judgments. Is it your mother, the glossy magazines, or the Internet ads? Imagine these energies from other people leaving your body. Fill the cleaned inner space with your love. As you love yourself deeply you will discover ways you have given your power over to others.

  1. Claim your feminine power

Many women are afraid of their power; they don’t want to emulate powerful male models like Trump. Feminine power flows, undulates, winds through cracks, seeps to the root, nurtures the seed, and creates profound change. This power terrifies people. It travels unseen, pops up in unexpected places, and blooms into abundance and change.

Feminine power doesn’t come from brute force; it originates from an inner surrender. Dive deep inside and listen to your juicy feminine wisdom. Then take action from your resolve, inner knowing and your Truth. Beyond the linear mind, your profound wisdom resides down in your womb. Clearly revealed, your path is illuminated by your feminine essence.

  1. Speak your Truth

Learn to say no. Stop putting up with disrespectful behavior. Create boundaries of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable and stick with your convictions.

Your voice is unique. No one else in the world can put thoughts, words and concepts together like you. What you have to say is valuable. But please, don’t cast your pearls of wisdom before swine. Share your precious truth with those who honor you.

  1. Feed your desires

Is your whole body thirsting for more, not the shallow more of consumer goods, but more delight and deep satisfaction?

Feed your pleasure. Your real desires and pleasures nurture and fill you up, rather than leaving a gnawing expanding cavity filled with grabbing and craving. The old paradigm would like you to believe that pleasure is deplorable and degraded. Your desires and pleasures are your power. The truth is, your pleasure is connected to your divine essence, your brilliance and your light.

  1. Use your purchasing power

Using your purchasing power effectively changes the world. Does the stuff you’ve being told to buy really support your happiness and wellbeing? Buy what fulfills you and what is in alignment with your values. Do the products you buy support the earth or do they create more pollution and toxic waste? Your purchasing voice will create massive change in the market place. Your actions, taken collectively, have an enormous impact.

  1. Live full on.

Are you wasting your life, dredging your way through the day? Are waiting for later to live your dreams?

Be a badass and stop succumbing to external pressure to create your life according to someone else’s standards. Explore your hidden gifts and talents. Find your passions. Be bold. Be your awesome self. Live your life full on; it’s your LIFE.

Enough is enough. Let’s do this. Each tiny step you make to claim your life creates a vibrant new world.

Be a badass and take back YOUR life!

If you have a burning desire for a radical life-change, I’m the coach for you.

Dr. Cynthia Miller is a lifestyle and business makeover coach. She received a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation in 1985. Dr Cynthia has spent over thirty years working with thousands of people, assisting them to live in greater prosperity and joy.

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